Donegal, the most northerly county in Ireland, extends along much of the north-west coast. It is a region famous for its scenery – with a beautiful, much indented coast, great areas of mountains, deep glens and many lakes. All kinds of rock, form a cave-riddled limestone to complicated mixtures of igneous rocks, make up the foundations of the county; and it is this that gives it so much variety of form and colour to the scenery.

Truly a gem among counties. Boasting coastal and mountain scenery that are unsurpassed in the rest of the country, the county has long been kept secret by those in the know! Relatively cut off from the rest of Ireland, geographically, historically and culturally, Donegal has only relatively recently become popular with Tourists.

With mysterious off-shore Islands, unspoiled Salmon fishing, magnificent Golf courses, beautiful long beaches and quiet untravelled roads, Donegal is a must for off-the-beaten-track exploration. The Inishowen peninsula, shown here has a coastal drive that is over 100 miles long.